Electrical Construction Services

Design-Build Construction Projects

Carlton Electric is the reliable electrical construction company you need for your design build construction projects. We strive for excellence and will do whatever it takes to get the job done. While we focus on completing electric services as quickly and efficiently as possible, we also recognize that a safe jobsite is a productive and collaborative one. Collaboration is critical for ensuring that your project is completed on schedule and in budget. We operate closely with your managers to stay on the same page. We’ll also schedule our jobsite work to fit with your plan.

Why Pre-Construction is Important

General contractors for construction projects come to Carlton Electric for help planning, budgeting and timing their projects. Our reputation for realistic and reliable budgets and our systematic approach helps set the foundation for success during one of the most important stages of a project, the planning and pre-construction phase. It is not uncommon that we are brought on as a third-party to consult on the planning process, as our experience and expertise can help ensure your project starts off on the right foot.

Our Pre-Fabrication Process

Our pre-fabrication process is a critical piece to our commitment to reliable commercial electrical construction. Whenever we sign on to a new project, we start by determining if we can pre-fabricate as many components as possible. We start with a sophisticated 3D modeling for the build out of equipment, runs, wires, etc. and then get our orders over to our fabrication center as soon as possible. We’ll build anything from service receptacles, receptacle assemblies, above ground, and underground. The way we see it is, anything you can do on site you can do off-site as well – but we always make sure our pre-fabricated components are fully operational before transport to the job site.


Special Projects

Fire Alarm Installations

Installing fire alarm systems can be a tricky process for your large commercial building. Not only will you need to ensure the alarms are hooked up properly, but you also need to be precise with the appropriate placement of the units throughout each room, hallway, and public area. The fire alarm installation process is essential to the safety and legality of your office building, retail space, school, hospital or other type of commercial space. Let Carlton Electric’s team handle the complexities and make sure the job gets done right the first time! Reach out to Carlton Electric for safe and efficient fire alarm installation throughout the Colorado front range.

LED Retrofits

LED lights are rapidly replacing traditional lighting technology and your organization will be well-served retrofitting your old and energy inefficient light bulbs with a modern LED light installation. It is important to understand that traditional lighting hardware is typically not compatible for new dimmable LED installs. Work with our knowledgeable electricians to safely and accurately update your lighting systems!

Elevator Upgrades

The electrical systems that power your elevator must be up to specifications and safety needs to be the number one priority for elevator operation. Carlton Electric’s commercial electrical services extend to elevator upgrade projects, where we help our clients modernize their elevator systems while having peace of mind that they will be operating safely and up to local codes.


Electric Vehicle Charger Installation

Electric vehicle (EV) sales have been growing more rapidly than expected the last few years. For commercial fueling station owners and operators, it’s crucial that you begin planning how you’ll adapt to the changing automotive industry. Installing EV charging stations sooner than later will allow you to serve the growing number of electric cars in your community and give you a head start before your competition.

Carlton Electric provides professional EV charging station installation throughout the Denver metro area and Colorado front range. Our experienced electricians will plan and guide your project from beginning to end. Reach out today to ask about electric vehicle charging station installation services!


Commercial / Retail Gas and Fueling

Specialized Fueling Electricians

For nearly 30 years Carlton Electric has been a leading electrical contractor for commercial and retail gas and fueling. Our team of specialized fueling electricians are some of the most knowledgeable individuals in the industry and can help ensure a safe and successful project.

Whether it’s your retail gas station, fueling sites for your commercial fleet, or even fueling sites for your marina, Carlton Electric has you covered.

Serving the Colorado Front Range

Our service areas cover Denver, Boulder, Broomfield, Aurora, Golden, Highlands Ranch, and most of the Colorado front range. We also have electrical construction experts who work with commercial businesses in select areas of Wyoming. When it comes to your project, finding a qualified and trustworthy electrical contractor is essential. Whether you are building from the ground up, redesigning your space, or wanting to upgrade your systems, our team can play a crucial role in ensuring a successful outcome.

If all subcontractors performed their work with the same professionalism as Carlton Electric, there would be no need for General Contractors. Simply put, Carlton Electric makes our job easier.

-President, Bassett & Associates, Inc.